Thursday, March 12, 2009

What fresh hell is this?

I'm not going to bore you with details, but I have blown out my back. I have zero idea how I did it, mind you, but the simple truth of the matter is that for the first time in my life? I get it, and I whole heartedly agree that lower back pain is, in fact, about the worst pain I have ever endured. Even childbirth only lasted a day, you know?

I am only two days in to this particular experience, and I have already had enough. I can't sit for long, and I certainly can't lie down. A good friend recommended an over the counter pain killer / muscle relaxant, which I began taking this morning. Seems to help, so I made a point of taking one before I went to bed tonight. Oh, and I should point out that this drug warns it may make you drowsy.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Friends and neighbours, it is currently 4 am and I have never been as awake as I am at this moment. I haven't had a minute's sleep yet tonight, and I have to be at work in four hours. Which is probably when I will start feeling sleepy.

I have already given up on my workday; I will go in, do what absolutely can't wait, and then plan to be home again by 10 am at the latest so I can get some sleep. Really looking forward to using another sick day (it'll be my FOURTH in 2009 so far!!) but I really don't see a way arounf it.

Oh, and ever since the back spasms started two days ago, the thought that has been screaming through my head on Continuous Play is: But I have to walk across Spain this fall! But I have to walk across Spain this fall! But I have....


Mare said...

Sorry to hear it... I hope things are a little better? Does O.H.O have a good back person?

Mare said...
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