Friday, April 23, 2010


Well, as of late this afternoon, it's official: my Mum is moving to China in August for at least a year. Mum is a highly accomplished teacher, and has accepted a position teaching French at an embassy school in Beijing.

So first? GO MUM!

And second?

FAAAAACK, now I need to pay for a trip for my little family to China. BAH.

China has figured large in our family for at least thirty years. During the 80's, when "Chinese" cooking became all the rage, my father turned away from electric woks and crappy North American ingredients, and chose to pursue the lonely road which involved rusting cleavers, perfectly rounded woks, cuts of meat no one else would eat, and ingredients in our pantry that no one could read the labels of. Your family might have gone through the Chinese food phase, but my family went through CHINA.

And still does today.

My mum currently has a perfectly normal "Canadian" home. Well, except for the fact that her house is decorated in a Chinese style. And disregard the framed pieces of Chinese embroidery. And please don't mention the teas in her cupboard, or the chop (name seal) sitting on her desk.

In MY house, we won't talk about the small riverstone that has the character "Forever" handcarved in to it (once upon time, a stone I gave my father to explain to him how much I loved him.) We won't talk about the pens, or the linens, or the inkstands which are all very definitely Chinese and all occupy places of honour in my home.

My name is Irma.

I am Canadian Scots Ukranian English Catholic Anglican Jewish.

And I can't wait to go home to China.

(please send money)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Too much going on to explain properly

1. I have embarked on a huge, daunting, impossible journey: turning a VERY sunny third floor roof at work in to a lush, verdant garden. I am not alone in this journey, I have five fellow FREAKS who are all itching to turn this nasty, shingled space into something beautiful and productive.

2.And, hellooooo? We are going to have bees. BEES. Although we will be contracting real beekeeper to mind our hive, I hve been reading about the topic obsessively, I want to understand these wonderful creatures and prepare myself for the day my Lottery Winnings (snort!) enable me to do whatever the hell I want.

3. Getting back in to Geocaching, a sport I truly love and yet neglect for (literally) years at a time. Tomorrow, Son and I are taking a group of virgins ("Muggles") out to teach them how to play. Can't wait.

4. Choir continues. I'm sorry, we are frigging fabulous. No really, we are. With each and every practice, I fall in love a little bit more. God, I love these women I spend every Tuesday with. I have no idea what any of their nmes are (except for one childhood friend I was delighted to find in the soprano section with me) but every Tuesday gets better and better, my enjoyment seems to expand exponentionally.

Our director....another friend from childhood, who welcomed me (and actively recruited me) with open arms. She is talented and funny and delightful on so many levels. She tried to recruit me as much as three years ago (I have the emails to prove it!) and I kick myself pretty much daily for waiting so long to join.

This bio of our amazing director is several years out of date, but at least sets the stage..

She then went on to form the choir Vocc' del Anima, the choir I am in. It is only three and a half years old, but has been judged to be the best women's choir in Canada TWICE in that time. We begin the competition season of 2009 in 11 days, I can't wait!!