Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour in 83 minutes...

Trying to get us fed and watered before I turn off the power at 8:30.

Some people gripe that Earth Hour is just a publicity stunt. Well DUH, of course it is. Some people say that one hour's worth of conservation doesn't even amount to a single drop in the bucket. Well DUH, of course it doesn't. Some people say that, by abstaining for one hour, folks will think they have "done their share" for the year and immediately go back to their wasteful ways at 9:30pm.

But so what?

Who CARES if it is just a publicity stunt, or that some of the participants don't really "get" what it's all supposed to symbolize. Every little bit helps. Let me tell you, the way I use the earth's resources today is a far cry from the way I did even two years ago. The small changes, the minor decisions I make every day, they really DO add up. Especially when you add my changes to yours. And to your neighbour's. And to that guy's.

If you choose not to participate in Earth Hour, that's cool. Your choice, man. Just don't let anyone tell you Earth Hour is a bad idea.

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