Thursday, August 30, 2007

On Coffee, Jewellery, and the Future of Humanity

Welcome to the third and final site of my blog. If you have been with me since the beginning, let's get back at it. And if you are new here, let's go play.

Random thoughts, questions, and answers from my day.

I am addicted to my travel mug. Well, technically, I am addicted to coffee, but it never tastes right unless it's in my honkin big insulated mug. I have used the same coffee mug for five years now, and literally refuse to drink this sacred beverage from any other vessel. Creature of habit? See below.

I love good jewellery, and am fortunate to possess quite a bit of it. In my daily rotation, pieces come and pieces go, but I wear two bracelets Husbandly One gave me every day of my life, and I never take them off. He has given me quite a bit of jewellery over the years, but to me, these two bracelets are My Wedding Rings. We'll see how I feel when I actually GET a wedding ring, ha ha.

The following occurred to me on the drive to work this morning, and clearly indicates that I need to find a hobby, but humour me -- work has me pretty stressed out right now:

Even today, in some circles, it is considered taboo to marry someone outside your own "race", but many people have embraced the idea that you can marry (and reproduce with) anyone you love. Good, go with that.

So let's assume it's 10, 000 years from now, and the whole planet has intermarried over many generations. White with Black. Native Canadian with Russian. Scandanavian with Maori. Polynesian with European. Japanese with Lebanese. We are all now One Race.

What do we look like??

Look, I'm not saying that all races should assimilate in to one, because I don't believe that. I believe that each person should choose who they want in life, sure, but I don't have some bizarre belief that we should all be the same. But, the question asks what if, over generations of intermingling, we WERE the same? What would our common face be?

Hmm...guess I do need a hobby.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Welcome back

So here I am at my new site....see you soon