Thursday, March 19, 2009

Granola Girl Update!

--After suffering many humiliating cheese-making related defeats, I have a lead on a source of raw milk....which is totally not legal to "purchase" in my part of the world (grr), but nothing to stop someone from giving me some as a gift. And then maybe I will give them some cash as a totally unrelated reciprocal gift.

(Okay, the Grammar Girl in me is cringing over the oxymoron "unrelated reciprocal")

--Two days ago I started some cat grass seeds on the kitchen counter. Then tonight I started some radish seeds in a jar, looking to eat yummy sprouts in about a week.

--Then I saw Husbandly One's eye start to twitch, as he realizes I am "cluttering up" the counter with my mid-life crisis. Sheesh, relax already. After all, I'm just getting started, hee hee.

--I bought some white wine vinegar a few days ago, and depending on how my weekend goes, I may pickle some carrots this weekend. Yes, I know pickling carrots from the grocery store in March is weird, but this is part of a long term plan. As mentioned, Husbandly One longs for the pickles of his native Portugal. Well, I think I have found a good recipe for these....but they have to sit for eight weeks before eating them. So I figure if I make them now, he will try them sometime in May....early enough to potentially tell me if I got it wrong and still allow me to try a second recipe before our own carrots need processing.

(Sometimes I AM capable of thinking ahead, you see.)

--If any of you have tried (or are thinking about trying) the homemade laundry soap, I have a new warning: do NOT use it in conjunction with bleach. Why? I have no idea, but I assume there is a chemical reason for this.

--Actually, I better go and update my old post on the topic to include this info. Ciao!

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