Friday, March 13, 2009

Network News, and why it sucks

I am a Canadian living in Canada, but we see more than our fair share of CNN in this house. Most of it is drivel, but we keep watching because, if something Is Really Happening Right Now, it's still the best place to turn.

(I used to enjoy Lou Dobbs, now he makes me stabby. Whatever, different post. But Anderson Cooper is still my dreamy, secretly gay boyfriend. TOTALLY different post.)

We do try to watch Canada's national news network, as well, mind you. But it makes me even angrier and more inclined to stick a pen in my own eye. Case in point: they just spoke to some fashion chick for, I swear, 10 minutes, about what the recession will do to fashion and the decisions people make.

Expert Chick didn't talk about buying trends, didn't discuss the way the ecomony will change the way we look at luxury items. No, after ten minutes all I got was, "Now, don't quote me, hee hee, but I think, hee hee, we will see a real resurgence in longer skirts, hee hee. That will be, hee hee, the trend to watch." Smug smile of the wise.

Listen, I don't work in fashion and I don't BUY fashion, but even I know that for the last hundred years, it has been a statistical fact that hemlines get longer whenever the economy tanks. This is not news, this is something you can read in Uncle John's Bathroom Reader.

Is it NEWS? I think not...

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