Sunday, March 15, 2009

They are so closely related

Hate and love.

I love my Husbandly one with all my heart, I love how he takes care of me, protects me.

I hate that, two hours ago, I dyed my hair after six months of no intervention, and dyed it a whole different colour, and he has no idea. None.

I love how, when his back was on the fritz, I used to get on my knees in front of him, to put his socks and underwear on his body, because he couldn't do it himself. I was giving my everything to my man, and it made my heart sing.

I hate that, now that I can barely walk, I get to hear about how he feels about our dirty house, I get to listen to him slam things around in the dirty kitchen.

Yeah, I am farking bitter tonight, does it SHOW?

1 comment:

ilex said...

Oh Irma, sorry to hear about your back. That's a bad one. As for the man- I'd like to give him what for... Wait, I know- sick your trained worms on him!