Monday, March 2, 2009

Ripe for a power outtage

ENOUGH with the freezing rain, already. Weather had been scary crazy all day, as has the driving; I was never so glad to walk through our front door as I was tonight. And! There's more coming! More frozen daggers of slippery death being spat from the sky! Oh boy!

And you just knoooooooow what else this type of storm means: a power outtage is a very, very real possibility. Truth be told, I actually love power outtages, I love the quiet, the dark, the slowly cooling house, all of it. But, umm, only in chunks of six hours or less.... let's not get crazy, it's not like I want to lose any of the stuff in my freezer. Six hours is just enough to enjoy the silence, get creative with meals (pickles for dinner!), admire the candle light, and feel grateful for your home's shelter. Longer than six hours is just a giant blister. (Oh, also a giant blister: when the power goes out over night while you're sleeping and so you wake up not to the usual obnoxious WAH! WAH! WAH! of the alarm clock, but to that slowly flashing, silent clock and you have no idea what time it is or how late for work you are. I hate that.)

The sound of the freezing rain battering my front window is getting louder. Think I will just put one of my candles in a handier spot, just in case....


ilex said...

It's getting warmer this weekend, swear. Might even be able to feel the sun on our skin. Our miserable, sallow Great White North skin.

Power outages- love 'em. I actually don't mind a longer stretch than 6 hours- good excuse to knit. If it's during the day, I usually get inspired to do some cleaning. But more than 18, and I'm missing civilization. Hot food is so not overrated.

Green Grrl said...

Hope the freezing rain is all gone now and that you didn't have a long outage if you did have one.

We have some freezing rain coming our way overnight. I'm not going so far as wishing for a short outage but a day off work away from slippery sidewalks would be ok by me! :)