Sunday, March 1, 2009

I should have known that was too easy

Ok, so the totally free snowblower? The one my company bought eight years ago, used six times, and has now given to my husband?

Turns out they didn't exactly buy new.

The snowblower may, in fact, be as old as me. SERIOUSLY, I am not trying to be cute here. It is at least 30 years old, that much we were able to figure out on our own, and forty doesn't seem implausible. We tried looking this machine up on the internet, and also on several message boards. The responses so far have included: "Sorry, never heard of it", "Wow, you have one of those? Haven't heard of them in at least twenty years!" and so on.

Husbandly One has been puttering with it in the garage all weekend, and he HAS had it running, but he keeps coming back in to the house with assorted small gunked up pieces to clean and lubricate. (He has never owned a snowblower in his life and is soooo making this up as he goes along.) His clothes reek of gasoline and I guess I now have a new test for the enviro detergent: clean his smelly "garage" clothes. His hands are black, and if I see him blowing in to some small, grotty part one more time, his lips pressed firmly against it, I may never let him touch me again.

Oh, and they are calling for 35 cms of snow tomorrow. No pressure.

PS. Only one of the people I gave soap samples has tried it so far. She loved it and plans to make her own from now on.

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ilex said...

There are times I'm glad my husband has not one single mechanically inclined bone in his body, and this is one of them. Grotty husband, no thanks.