Sunday, March 22, 2009

Two things I learned this weekend.

First, when making pickles, make sure you have a pot large enough to process the resulting jars. Durrr. I have never used pint sized jars before, only smaller ones. So imagine my surprise when they were taller than all my pots, and of course I hadn't borrowed my Mum's Big Pot.

I ALSO learned that making Yorskhire Pudding is harder than it seems. Well, maybe it's not harder than it seems, maybe you just need to pay attention to the recipe before you go slinging flour and egg all over your kitchen and throwing them in the oven. Oh, that part about how it is CRUCIAL to pre-heat the muffin tin, and that your ingredients be at room temperature? Yeah, missed that.


Gillian Grattan-Baldwin said...

I have the simplest, yummiest yorkshire pudding recipe that you cannot go wrong with...i do a sunday roast once a month usually (having one tonight!) and my recipe is this:
heat 1/4 cup oil in 6 large muffin cups for 5 min
then mix together
3 eggs
1 cup flour
pinch salt
1 cup milk
once mixed you pour that evenly between the 6 cups and bake approx 20-25 min til brown and raised all puffy at 375 (or whatever the roast is on).
super simple and takes me 10 min start to finish and never fails me!
I am the yorkshire pudding queen, la la la la! :)

ilex said...

Ohhhhh, I love me some Yorkshire pud. I should really learn to make that. Growing up, my grandma made it at least once every couple of months for Sunday dinners. She wasn't a very good cook most of the time, but that pud was amazing.