Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not your typical Sunday night

Going to Elton John in an hour.

Elton John.

In an hour.

(excuse me while I go pass out....)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Michael Moore, Part Two

As previously mentioned, I am a big fan of Michael Moore's movies. This morning, I finally got a chance to watch his new movie, "Slacker Uprising". The verdict?


I am used to his movies informing me, taking me places I've never gone, making me listen to stories I would never otherwise hear. This movie, however, felt much more like a concert film than it did a documentary.

I was under the (very) misguided impression that this movie was about his campaign to encourage young people to vote, no matter which way their political leanings went: just do it. But, no, it was two hours of him trying to get people to vote Democrat, which I found vaguely annoying.

Don't get me wrong: If I was an American, I would be a Democrat, and I would want you to vote Democrat, too. I just feel misled...I thought the movie would be a plea to get involved with the PROCESS, not with a party.

Mind you, I sincerely admire him for his efforts to wake up young people. We need more leaders like this, more people who are willing to campaign on the importance of each and every vote, more public figures who are willing to go to the wall for what they believe. Michael Moore, as the subject of this film, earned my respect.

On the other hand, Michael Moore, as the director of this film, left me cold for the first time in 15 years. I mean, I just didn't care.....all of his previous films actually taught me something, this one just showed me a bunch of musical performances, a bunch of enthralled crowds, yada yada yada. This movie was long on money shots, and very short on substance. And it pains me to say it.

I AM glad I watched it, and I actually hope you will watch it too. It actually IS a good's just not as good as his previous work has taught us to expect.

(And, by the way, my personal favourite when it comes to movies, editing? Based on the footage that made the movie, the film, in my humble opinion, should have been about 8 minutes shorter.)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New blog to add to "your favourites"

On the right hand side, you will find some (but by no means all) of the blogs I enjoy on a regular basis. I added a new one tonight, "the Johnson Chronicles". When this blog was first recommended to me a few months ago, I did what I always do: I went back to the very beginning and read forward.

If you are looking for a blog that is fascinating and yet very different, try this one. To date there aren't even that many posts, you could probably read the whole thing in just over an hour. But if you are like me, in that hour you will get a real feel for this very special family.

I could say more, but my throat is starting to close over. I don't know why this family's story touches me so deeply, but it really does. They make me believe that good people exist in the world. They make me remember that love conquers all. They remind me that the simplest pleasures are the best ones.

So c'mon, check them out. I wouldn't steer you wrong.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Michael Moore

Let's get this out in the open right away: I enjoy his films. I could give you hundreds of reasons why, but that's not really the point.

I do not always agree with his politics, nor do I always agree with some of his interview techniques. I could give you hundreds of reasons why, but that's not really the point.

The point is that I just took a quick look around the internet, looking for reviews of his new movie "Slacker Uprising." The articles I read tended to highlight his politics much more than the quality of the film itself, and the comments to these articles surprised me.

Not one person, at any site I visited, actually commented on the movie, or on his decision to release it, completely free, on the web. No, all the comments were about Michael Moore The Man. Love him or hate him, all any one wanted to talk about was HIM. (And just to save you some time? Most of the people who took the time to comment won't exactly be sending him Christmas cards) Actual arguments broke out on some of these sites, arguments whose logic and choice of colourful euphemisms seem far more suited to a school yard. "You're a dum dum. No, you are. No, you are to infinity."

(cough,cough) Hi? Is this thing on? Can I get a word in edgewise?

Shouldn't the question be whether or not he has created a good film? Shouldn't the discussion revolve around the merits of the movie? (You know....movies?....It's an art form? Seriously, look it up.) Could we maybe talk about that? Cinematography, script, sound, or (my personal favourite) editing? Any takers??

Listen, I get the fact that he is a polarizing person, that he personally stirs up strong emotions in others. If you think he is Satan in a ball cap, that's your right. But can't we all stay on topic for five minutes, and get back to hating or deifying him later?

And, in a bold initiative, I plan to SEE the movie before I make up my mind about it.

'Cause I'm just crazy that way.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Bill Clinton is speaking in my city on November 25. My little tiny Canadian city. He will be speaking on the economy, and the timing of his appearnace means that both the Canadian and US elections will be over, so his speech will have more relevance, as we will have a clear political view for both countries for the next four years.

Must. Get. Tickets.

Husbandly One, who is every bit as excited as I am in theory, is still insisting on Being The Grown Up: "Yes, it would be fabulous to hear him speak, but it is very expensive..."

Bwah ha ha, he has clearly forgotten that his birthday is coming up. And that every year, I get him something totally lame because I have NO idea what to get him. And that, while tickets are more expensive than whatever I always buy him in a panic, at least this year I would 100% know he'll love my gift.

Operators are standing by...

Monday, September 22, 2008

I never learn

I went apple picking on Sunday with my son, sister, and Mum. A wholesome family time was had by all. And now I have more than sixty apples in my kitchen. What the hell was I thinking??

Thursday, September 18, 2008

To Renelle

I answered you in "Comments", but to make sure you see this... call me at work and ask for me by my maiden name. I would love to talk to you and have you in for lunch or whatever. We have lots to discuss!

3-D Ultrasounds

Such a thing did not exist when I was pregnant, way back in the Old Ages, twelve years ago. But I have seen the photos that result from these expensive and completely medically unnecessary ultrasounds, and I recommend them strongly. I mean, it's a REAL picture of your in-utero baby, you literally see what the kid looks like. It's staggering, it's amazing. Well worth whatever you have to pay.

This morning, friends of mine went for a 3-D ultrasound of their 28 week fetus. They already knew they were having a son, they just wanted to see his sweet face.

The 3-D ultrasound confirmed what they already suspected: their son is breeach, essentially standing feet down in the womb. And facing his mother's back. She is now looking at an almost certain C-section delivery she desperately wanted to avoid.

And those $400 pictures they brought home? No face is visible in any of them. What they got for their money was several dozen pictures of the baby's butt and penis.

Sigh....boys start so young.

Sssh, don't tell

I think I have made it somewhat clear that I adore my Husbandly One. He is everything to me, he makes me laugh, he makes me feel safe, he rocks my world. But lately, I just wish he would go away.

A few weeks ago, I decided to knit him a sweater for Christmas. Knitting is nothing new in my world, and he has spent many an evening beside me on the couch, listening to the clicking of my flashing needles. (I knit pretty damn fast if I do say so myself.)

But, see, the Christmas sweater is a surprise, and so I only pick it up when he's not home. Usually, in the autumn, I spend at least half my evenings alone due to his work schedule. But this fall? He comes home with me EVERY NIGHT, he has decided (argh!) that spending time with Wifely One needs to be a priority.

So do me a favour, will you? If you know me in real life, think of reasons to get him the hell out of the house, would you? You have one extra hockey ticket? Good. You want to go for drinks? BAD, because he will then invite me.

C'mon, people, think of reasons you want to be friends with him but not me!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We now resume regular programming

Prior to this evening, the last time I even turned my laptop on was six days ago. Last Thursday, I picked up the first volume of the "Twilight" series. Four books and 2500 pages later, I put the last one down late last night.

I have heard so much about these books in te last few months that I decided to give them a whirl. Did I enjoy them? Umm, yeah. Compulsively.

Do I recommend them? Completely.

Would I read them again? No.

Would I recommend buying them? With no dispresect to the author, No.

Listen, they are super fun books, a great escape. But, to me, a book is only truly great if I want to read it multiple times. It's kind of a hard concept to explain, because I know most people (cough cough normal people) generally only read books once. Me? Not so much.

It also bears mentioning that these books are actually targeted at, and written for, teenagers, not for women who have begun counting down the days til "the Big 4 Oh". Still, these books have become quite popular among women my age. So there.

Definitely check them out. Just do so at the library, unless you have a sixteen year old daughter. Then you can just borrow her copies.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another public service announcement

Reject any recipe that contains an ingredient your Loved One hates, no matter how little of that ingredient is used.

The End.

Ok, not really.

A few days ago I found a casserole recipe that looked wonderful. It had chicken, cheese, and bacon, all wrapped in pastry and shaped in to a beautiful ring. I decided I needed to add this new dish to my arsenal immediately.

Unfortunately, I did not have any of the ingredients in my kitchen, so I went out and bought a few boneless, skinless chicken breasts to create my "two cups of chopped chicken". I always have several varieties of cheese in my fridge, but never cheddar, so I bought a big bag of pre-grated cheese to speed things up. I don't usually have bacon so I bought a bag of precooked, pre-crumbled stuff. And pastry? That's why God gave us Pillsbury.

By the end of my quick trip to the store for these, and a few other, ingredients, I had spent almost $25.00.

On a casserole.

Once back home, I began assembling it. The dish also called for pimento....I left that out because I find it loathsome so it was gone. It also called for a half cup of diced onion, something Husbandly One and I adore, but my Stepson can't stomach, so I left that out, too. It also called for a quarter cup or Miracle Whip.

Now. Husbandly One hates the stuff with a passion, but I I figured a mere quarter cup of the stuff, combined with two cups chicken, one and a half cups of cheese, a half cup of bacon, the remaining ingredients that made the cut, plus all that pastry , would make it simply an innocuous binding agent.


I don't know what kind of molecular power Miracle Whip has, but it should be studied in the highest centres of learning in the land. After all that money spent, and all the time to put it together, what I served Husbandly One was simply a very pretty piece of Miracle Whip Pie. The taste of salad dressing** was so strong that even I couldn't eat more than a few bites of it.

So, note to other would-be-cooks: When in doubt of a recipe, as it relates to your Loved One's preferences, WALK AWAY.

** When I was young, and would read "Salad Dressing" on the Miracle Whip bottle, I was always horrified to think that some people would actually scoop a big dollop of it on to a bed of lettuce and tomatoes. It was only once I was 30 that I realized it referred to things like chicken salad or tuna salad.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oh why not

Meme I have "stolen" from the Butterscotch Palace. Catch is you can only answer in one word, whatever pops in to your head first....Try it, it's fun but revealing in its simplicity.

1. Where is your cell phone? PURSE
2. Were is your significant other? HERE
3. Your hair? UP
4. Your mother? GONE
5. Your father? GONE
6. Your favorite thing? GARDEN
7. Your dream last night? BAD
8. Your dream/goal? THIS
9. The room you're in? LIVINGROOM
11. Your fear? ALONE
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? HERE
13. Where were you last night? HERE
14. What you're not? GIRLIE
16. One of your wish list items? GIRLIE
17. Where you grew up? MONCTON
18. The last thing you did? PEE
19. What are you wearing? SWEATS
20. Your TV? ON
21. Your pet? LOUD
22. Your computer? YUM
23. Your mood? FINE
24. Missing someone? ALWAYS
25. Your car? TOTALLED
26. Something you're not wearing? RING
27. Favorite store? SCRAPBOOK
28. Your summer? WET
29. Love someone? PASSIONATELY
30. Your favorite color? PURPLE
31. When is the last time you laughed? 19:30
32. Last time you cried? YESTERDAY

Monday, September 1, 2008

A helpful hint from Irma


If, one day, you realize there are three flies in your house? And, if, the next day, you realize there are seven? Don't just look at them and say, "Huh. I wonder where they came from."

But if that's what you did? (Because, in fact, that is what I did.) Two days later, get ready to spend the entire evening swinging wildly at the walls and ceiling with dishtowels and WalMart flyers.

C'mon, it's summer, everybody gets the odd fly in their house, right? But we killed over thirty during this evening's massacre, and many more escaped and are still here somewhere.

We have never had a fly infestation like this, in all the years we have lived here. Husbandly One is wandering around, his eyes trained on the ceiling, one of my good yellow dishtowels in hand, audibly wondering where the hell they are coming from.

On a totally unrelated note, 23 year old Step Son just brought up the dirty dishes from his bedroom and almost completely filled the dishwasher with slimy glasses and cereal bowls crusty with old milk.


Gee, honey, I have no idea where the flies are coming from. What a mystery.

Long weekend

First, like everyone else, I am praying for the people of Louisiana and surrounding states, and am glued to CNN.

This long weekend is the tail end of my vacation, and the weather is nasty. Still, we have enjoyed the last few days. Friday night, we went to a birthday party for the wife of one of our coworkers. We had a lovely time, and it led to an invitation to a different co-workers house for dinner on Sunday. Husbandly One and I don't go out much, so the idea of two social invitations in one weekend was pretty heady stuff.

In between, on Saturday, Husbandly One suddenly said to me, "Let's go buy some bushes." A week ago, he finished repairing / renovating / rebuilding our front deck; it is now much smaller and we are very happy with it. This led to him digging me a new flowerbed while I was away, in the area previously covered my our exceptionally long deck. But now the flowerbed was sitting naked and it was really bothering him. (And can I state again how happy I am that he is getting the Gardening Bug...)

Anyway, Saturday night we went to a local greenhouse and purchased two Red Prince Weigelas, which are now my new babies. We planted them Sunday afternoon and I am thrilled with them, can't wait to see their bright red blooms next summer.

Last night, after cleaning up from our gardening, we went out to our friend's house for dinner. The husband of the couple is Greek (like, as in "from Greece", not as in "of Greek descent") and had prepared a complete feast of what he called Greek junk food... souvlaki, cheese pies, olive tapanade, and lots and lots of homemade tzatziki which was unlike tzatziki I have ever eaten.

He had made more food than four people could ever hope to eat, and I think he was very disappointed with my appetite. Husbandly One kept trying to reassure him: "No, really, Wifely One has already has far more food than I have ever seen her eat in one sitting...." and that was even before the souvlaki was placed in front of me. We had a great evening, and it looks like all four of us had a good time together outside of work (yay, new friends!) so hopefully in the future they will have many more opportunities to see how little I eat and get used to it.

(And no, I'm not exactly saying I eat like a bird. Well, I guess I DO, but I eat like a bird many times a day. I just can't get through much food at a time.)

SO, between two great evenings out and some work on my little Urban Homestead, it has been a great weekend. Time now, however, to do some laundry. Sigh. Stupid end of vacation.