Saturday, May 2, 2009

Remember Ashley MacIsaac?


Oh come on, you do remember. Ten years ago, he was considered one of the greatest fiddlers of our time. He was a huge star in Canada, thiiiiiiiis close to being an international superstar.

And then, in the space of thirty seconds, he destroyed his entire career. Intoxicated by his own fame, he seemingly felt he was invincible and could say anything to the press and still be loved and admired. He was very, very wrong. When people mention him today, the music is completely forgotten, only the scandal remains.

I went to an Ashley MacIsaac concert tonight. In my Mum's church, only about 200 people in attendance. And I wondered how it must feel to him, to know that he could have taken the world by storm but instead is stuck playing concerts in churches. I felt sad for him.

But then? Then he started to play. I stopped feeling sorry for him and instead felt sorry for you and me. Sorry that we missed these years of his incredible genius.

So PLEASE, check your newspaper or his website to see if he is playing in a church or community centre near you. And PLEASE go. I promise you it's worth it.


forestsister said...

that's so cool! he is amazing and i didn't realise he was still "around." how is the garden going this weekend??

ilex said...

I was just thinking the other day how we have so few truly talented eccentrics anymore. Though, lord knows, we have enough talentless hack eccentrics who gladly suck up all the media oxygen. I really hope he can make a comeback. He's a freaking genius.

I'll be on the lookout for him to come to Windsor. That's a trip across the river worth taking.

Anonymous said...

heyfunny thing...i moved to windsor right after your comment.injuly 09 now its 2012and im movng up t peterbrough area.where my partner is from.wonderif you wndsor to as for feeling sorry for me and wondering whati feel lime playing in chruches versuse world stage..2001carnigie hall2002parliment hill2004acropolis2005austrailian opera house2006federal liberal leadership race2007carnigiehall2008etcetci hope you get the point ..just because you didnt think i ws on the world stage.yeah i havebeen..also did the opening ceremonies of the olympics in vancouver.........god people realy think theyno someone because whatthey read thst isnt straight from the horses.mouth...ashley macisaac

Anonymous said...

thanks for the positive blog though all the same.camino ashley