Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another week gone

I haven't blogged in a week, so you know it must be spring. I am soooooo busy at work, and then when I get home I am either sooooo busy outside or (Boo-urns!) sooooo busy in the house that blogging falls off the radar.

We had a fabulous Outside Day today, I enjoyed it so much that I thanked Son and Husbandly One for this "real" Mother's Day. Son and I purchased and then planted peppermint, red onions, and a total of five varieties of tomatoes in the vegetable garden. (which, by the way, is just an impressive way of saying "five tomato plants that were different". ) We then did a quick weeding on the other beds...I really must say that weeding in raised beds is the simplest thing it the world, we literally weeded everything in less than ten minutes. Of course, I did manage to impale the soft, fleshy, sensitive part of my palm on one of the Kitty Sticks, and it still hurts like hell seven hours later. If they are as effective on cats as they are on me, then I will have no problems with my felines crappng in my veggies.

At that point Husbandly One joined us in the backyard. We did a very LATE spring cleanup, we pruned the trees, and then Husbandly One mowed the backyard juuuuuuust before the epic rain started.

After an hour the rain stopped and we were able to attack the front yard. Much pruning of trees occurred, and then Husbandly One decided to dig a new flower bed under the coniferous-tree-which-has-no-name. Okay, it probably HAS a name, but to me all coniferous trees are "pine trees" and umm, even I know this particular tree isn't a pine. But whatever.

So he wants to dig a new circular bed. And tear up lawn to do it. He starts in with the shovel, big bladefuls of turf being turned over.

Time for this important commercial break: I have no interest in flowers. Sure, I plant flowers around the front of the house, but that is mostly just to keep the neighbours from hating me, I do it to "be normal". I'd much rather have my lovely, lovely vegetables, which are far more beautiful in my eyes. So TRUST me, I have zero interest in yet another flower bed.

But but but but but remember that Husbandly One, all on his own, decided to dig up some of the stupid front lawn so that I could replant that space with something better. Our lawn is now smaller and I had nothing to do with it! Major victory!!!! now I have to go buy shade plants for the new bed. I don't want the dumb thing, but I DO want what it symbolizes: less useless grass in the world! More plants and flowers and bees and creepy crawlies and everything delightful in the world!

I didn't expect to get that thrown at me on top of all the other work I already have. But I will take it gladly.

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