Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rain Day

The weather today was icky, just as predicted, so nothing got planted in the garden. Just as well, because I really did need at least today to recover from yesterday's marathon.

Son and I have a major weakness for pretzel rolls which we buy at a German bakery here in town. I found a recipe for them a few weeks ago, and so today we rolled up our sleeves and made them. Delish! We ate far more than can be considered healthy, mind you, but that's what rainy days are for.

We also christened the new dehydrator by slicing up a few kiwis and a few bananas...and then (not so) patiently waited for them to be done. We did not enjoy the kiwi at ALL and actually threw them out. The bananas, on the other hand, are sublime. So much more true banana flavour than the ones you buy in bulk. We plan to make oatmeal with some of them tomorrow morning, and I am already salivating, thinking about the other delicious fruit concoctions we will undoubtedly come up with in the weeks to come.

The next dehydrator project we plan to do together is jerky. YUM

Small step by incredibly small step, I am learning how to be more self sufficient. And I dig it.

Now if I could only get my beans planted....

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