Wednesday, May 13, 2009

T minus 20 minutes

until the season finale of Lost. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.

In other news, I finally caved and called a geek about my laptop. I haven't been able to call my internet time my own for the two weeks that I have been borrowing Husbandly One's laptop while he was trying heavens knows what to get my computer up and running again. I know it involved him randomly changing a bunch of my system settings in a blind attempt to solve...who knows. (Let this be a lesson to you: a Hubandly one with "some" computer knowledge can be a dangerous thing indeed.) Anyway, I called the nice geek man (he has been helping my mum for over ten years now) and his immediate reaction based on my description of the problem is that I have a simple over-heating issue that he can solve in under 20 minutes.

Umm, great, but once you're done that? Can you check all my settings?

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