Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ugh, the garden

Today I managed to plant the front flower beds. You know, those completely useless but decorative beds in the front that somehow make Husbandly One decide I can have total freedom in the back.

In the vegetable garden, I planted some beans and some asparagus peas. Never did get around to planting any lettuce, and I suspect it is now too late. But I also menioned to Husbandly One that I suuuuure would appreciate just ONE more vegetable bed, if he was willing to build it and sacrifice just a few more feet of lawn....and so far it seems like he is willing!

If I haven't made this clear before, let me do so now: I think maintaining a lawn is stupid. What does anyone get out of a lawn, except work?? It serves NO purpose, except to divide your house from the street, right? Well, lots of OTHER, productive things could serve that purpose just as well.

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ilex said...

Lawns are food deserts for bees and most other wildlife; they add significantly to the fertilizer and pesticide runoff problem, acidifying and poisoning our waters; mowers are a leading contributor of carbon dioxide.

Lawns basically suck. They seem to answer only one problem- our very ancient need for savannas. Because on wide open plains you can see the protein, and you're less likely to become the protein. They also seem to encourage men to fence with their (mumble-mumbles). Lawns are their last outlet of masculinity. I sincerely wish they'd find another way. I say, bring back dueling.

At the very least, you should tell him (no, implore) that more fertilizer is definitely not better. In fact, horticulturists (those without paychecks from lawncare companies) say that fertilizing only leads to one thing- More Mowing.