Sunday, April 26, 2009

It must be spring

Last night, we slept with the window open. No, not open all the way (are you NUTS?), but still a few good, solid inches of open window bringing fresh air and sweet breezes to our dreams.

Today, we were able to rake the front yard for the first time, it was too wet before. We picked up six huge bags of leaves, sead pods,'d swear we hadn't done a thing last fall! I will not be keeping any of the bags from today for my compost pile, I know how determined those bloody maple seeds can be and I am not interested!

Didn't get around to raking the backyard (Husbandly One's back was starting to bother him, mine is still okay so far) but he did build me another raised bed.

I spent some time planning my companion planting.

I have also spent the last four hours making homemade pizza. Not as complicated as it sounds, most of that time was simply to let the dough rest.

I have done two loads of laundry. (another two to go)

I have ALSO killed six ants in the living room. Sigh, ants so soon? They come in the house on the dog's fur, we don't have an infestation in the house (Thank God) but they still gross me out.

It is a quarter to six, the sun is shining, laundry is beckoning to be folded, pizza is begging to go in the oven, and I am happy.

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