Monday, October 20, 2008

That AIDS guy

Listen, it is after midnight, and I only caught part of the news, but...

There's this guy, Johnson Aziga, who is being tried for first degree murder by the Canadian government, because of his reckless disregard for public safety and spreading HIV; the government says they can prove he transmitted the disease to seven women and that two of the women have since died. This is the first time our government has launched such a case.

And they are launching it because they had already issued him an order to disclose his HIV status to his future sex partners, but he ignored it. In some cases, his partners asked him about his HIV status, and the rutting bastard flat out lied to them.

Umm, maybe I'm being a bit of an innocent here, but I'm pretty sure the government doesn't get involved in each HIV case in our country. So how much of a scum bag was this guy in the first place, before he killed those two women, that caused the government to attempt to step in? Because Christ alone knows who else this asshole killed. Well, here, read this...

Aziga, a native of Uganda and former research analyst with Ontario's ministry of the Attorney General was diagnosed with HIV in 1997 and was counselled by medical officials not to have unprotected sex and to inform partners of his HIV status, court heard.
In October 2002, Hamilton public health officials issued a written order to Aziga to disclose his health status to sex partners and to use condoms after he acknowledged to a public health nurse he had unprotected sex with at least one woman and had not disclosed his HIV status, Power said witnesses will testify.
Aziga was issued a second written order under the Health Protection and Promotion Act in August 2003, the Crown attorney told the court.
Despite being warned of the danger of infecting others, Aziga continued to have unprotected sex, even on the morning of his arrest, Power said the evidence will show.
Aziga and seven complainants who tested positive all share a rare strain of HIV not commonly found in North America, Power noted.

Good God, what is WRONG with people??

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