Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Countdown to the election

Ok, guys, listen up: the election is one week from today. No, not the U.S. election which is so close to my heart, but our own, somewhat boring, Canadian election.

Yes, I said boring. I have no doubt that all of the national party leaders are very passionate about our country, but....umm, yawn. (With the possible exception of NDP leader Jack Layton....not saying I would necessarily ever cast a vote for him, but I'd sure like to have him sitting at my kitchen table, telling stories with a beer in his hand. He's the leader who seems most like a person, if you get my meaning.)

But again, there's only one week left, and then all this boring boringness will go away. Yay, TV go back to regularly scheduled programming! And you know what happens then? One of these people will be leading our country. As in, "in charge of CANADA", which, as you know, is a pretty big place. And, umm, happens to be where we live. And pay taxes. And (hopefully) avoid wars.

Listen, I am the first to admit that our political process could use a little more razzle dazzle to encourage people to get involved and vote, and clearly we aren't going to get any on this campaign. But if you haven't decided who you're going to vote for, or even if you're going to vote at all?

You only have to pay attention for one week, I promise. Just give the whole process a chance for seven days. Listen to what the leaders are offering, read what the newspapers are reporting, listen to what your co-workers are saying over coffee, and then draw your own conclusions. Just for seven days, okay, you can do that standing on your head, I know it.

The right to vote is one of the things I hold closest to my heart. I don't care who you vote for, just get involved and do it. Please?

(Oh, and if you DO need me to tell you who to vote for? Email me.)

(I'm kidding, I'm kidding...)

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