Friday, October 24, 2008

Finicky insult....or the shape of things to come?

Last night I realized I had some stewing beef in the fridge that was quickly going over to The Dark Side. I loathe wasting grocery money, so I immediately threw it in my crockpot with anything I could put my hands on. I knew that I would be the only one home for dinner tonight, but I figured the act of cooking the beef would buy me another few days for our family to consume it.

I had a third of a bottle of red wine that had been sitting on the counter for a week, so I threw it in. I had some carrots in the crisper, so they came in to play, too. I didn't have fresh mushrooms, so the canned version had to do. I did have fresh garlic, so I crushed four large cloves and threw them in. A few other finds in my pantry, and I had what I thought was a reasonable combination to cook today.

When I got home from work, the smell of red wine coming from my crockpot was amazing. I quickly cooked some rice and then doled myself a healthy portion of the beef mixture on top. Not bad.

Right around THAT time, I realized I didn't have any dog food in the house for Sasha. The thing I had made in the crockpot was 98% pure beef, so I took out a plate to cool, and when it was ready I put it in the dog's dish.

She was clearly excited to see that I was filling her dish. She walked straight up to it, sniffed, and then stepped back. No, c'mere baby, c'mere, look at the nummies Mummy has for you. C'mere, girl.

And then she stepped back again.

The DOG doesn't like my cooking. Can't wait til my family gets home.

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Gillian Grattan-Baldwin said...

We sure would work well together in a kitchen! You cook exactly like I do! Waste nothing and see what you can use up things for...that dinner sounded brilliant! Not sure what was up with your dog though! ha ha....mine have done that before too! :)