Sunday, October 12, 2008

Because, apparently, I need MORE drama in my life

Context: Ex-Husband planned to fly to Alberta with our Son on Saturday (yesterday) for a week of sightseeting in the Rockies, plus Thanksgiving with his own family. Much holiday joy and memory making was anticipated by all.

Reality: Friday afternoon, Ex-Husband called me in my office at 3:30pm, to tell me that he had been admitted to the hospital and I needed to jump in my truck immediately to go get Son. (Son and Ex-Husband live two hours away from me.)

Long story short, I picked up Son at their house, packed a bag for Ex-Husband, and then went to the hospital.

He has been hospitalized due to blood clots in his leg. The truly scary part about all this is that this is the third time in three years the blood clots have formed, despite the fact that he is already on several blood thinners. The damn things just keep coming back. And the damn things could kill him in the blink of an eye. He is 41 years old.

Son and I spent Friday evening with Ex-Husband, finally arriving back at their house at 11pm. Saturday morning, we were back at the hospital by 9am, and we hung out with Ex-Husband til 1pm, at which time I literally HAD to bring Son here to my house. Number One, I had been wearing the same dress, nylons, and black pumps for two days already. Number Two, my impromptu trip meant that Husandly One was back at our house sans vehicle. Number Three? STILL no sign of The Grand-Boobah-Doctor, who apparently thinks Ex-Husband's case is serious enough to warrant attention from his own self, but aparently has no interest in coming in during Thanskgiving weekend. Ex-Husband has now been in the hospital for three days, and he hasn't seen one single doctor one single time.

And no, I am NOT making this up, the nurses have been hinting at this ever since Ex-Husband was admitted: there is no real reason for him to be there (he could be treated as an outpatient) but they do not have the authority to release him, and he better be prepared to wait til Tuesday, as they all know that Grand-High-Poobah won't come in on the weekend.

All of which is frustrating for all of us....Ex-Husband in particular, because he is now stuck in the hospital for no real reason, with absolutely no one to come visit him and keep the boredom away. (he doesn't want to tell any of his friends or any one at work about the whole situation.) I feel terrible because I had to leave his city to bring Son here, but the fact remains I HAD to come home, I would honestly prefer to still be there so we could keep him company.

I may not be in love with my Ex-Husband, and things since we split have not always been rosy, but I will always love him, and my life will always be tied up in his. (I am listed, rightly so, as his next-of-kin, for heaven's sake.) I hope he is making it through the day without too much boredom, and I hope the emails I send him are cheering him up. (He called me this morning to let me know that he is receiving my messages, but for some reason the weird hosptial internet service won't let him reply.)

And....I really have nothing else to say. Ex-Husband, Son and I are in limbo, and so that's how I'll end this post.

Edited to add: Husbandly One insists I return to Ex-Husband's city tomorrow, whether it be to take Son home or simply so Son can visit his father. Husbandly One gets that "family" may often be a complicated, convoluted thing....but at the end of the day, it's still Family.

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