Saturday, October 25, 2008


Husbandly One hates Chinese food.

I looooooooooooove Chinese food.

I am home by myself tonight, so I hatched the decadent plan to order some Chinese take-out and have myself a little food orgy. I called a local place, told them I was ordering for delivery, and asked if they took debit-at-the-door. Oh, no problem, we take debit, credit cards, whatever you got lady. And it'll be about twenty minutes.

More than an HOUR passes, I was just about to call them back to see if something was wrong, when my phone rang. The restaurant telling me my food was ready. Ummm...great, so why isn't it HERE?

Whoever took my order did not register the fact that it was for delivery. Ok, mistakes happen. But when I double checked about the payment thing, I was told that no, they only take cash for delivery. "So, you want me to send driver?"
"Ummm, NO, because I can't pay you!!"
"But we already made it."
"If the driver can;t take cards, can I give you my credit card number over the phone??"
"No, has to be in person."
"Well then I'm sorry but don't send any food here, this is ridiculous."
"But we made the food."
"Yes, and I told you I wanted it delivered, and I told you I was going to pay by debit."
"You didn't tell me that!"
"No, of course I didn't tell YOU that, I told the man who answered the phone when I called. Ask him."
"But the food is made!!"
"And this is my problem HOW??"

So it is now 9pm, I am so hungry that I might pass out at any second, and I have just called a second restaurant to place a second order that will take another half hour. And no, they don't take debit-at-the-door either, but they did take my Visa number and all is arranged and paid for.

I don't fault the first restaurant for not having the most up-to-date technology, that ability to allow customers to pay by plastic at the door, I get the fact that it must be an expensive undertaking. But when I placed my order, I made it PERFECTLY CLEAR how I wanted to receive my order, and how I planned to pay for it. I was told "Ok!"

So instead of treating me like a bad customer who reneged on her order, how bout you deal with arsehole who answered the phone in the first place?

(and yeah yeah, I know this is a totally lame blog entry, but I'm hungry, dammit.)

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