Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gift giving? I RULE

Okay, Husbandly One's birthday isn't until Wednesday, but I'm ready. Here's what will happen:

He will open a large gift (the box started off as a case of coffee), only to discover 40 small bags of potato chips. If he digs through that, he will find another box....which contains about 100 individually wrapped peanut butter cups and yet another box. When he opens that box, he will find a staggering amount of M&M's covering yet another smaller box.

When he opens that box,he will be overwhelmed by the number of "Rocket" candy rolls concealing yet another box. That box will reveal dozens of Halloween themed chocolates...and another box.

That box is a small box of cereal, with a "prize in every box". When he digs through the cereal, he will eventually find a tiny glass vial containing a small piece of paper. When he unrolls the paper, he will find a teeny tiny picture of Bill Clinton. (representing our tickets to hear President Clinton speak at the end of November.)

I spent over $65 on candy to put this together, but I figure four things:

1) it was fun to do
2)it'll be fun to watch
3) the man DOES have a sweet tooth, and
4) Hallowe'en is a week after his birthday, so I don't have to buy Hallowe'en candy.

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Mare said...

I love are such a smart potato