Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Here's what's wrong with health care

To recap: Husbandly One has a strange feeling in his leg last Friday so went to the outpatient department in the morning. He sat in Emergency all day, waiting to be taken to his room. He was delivered to his room at 8:30pm, but no one came to uptake him (ie, fill out the opening paperwork whixh says he is now that floor's responsibility) until 10:15 pm. It was also at that time we were told not to expect an actual doctor to come see him that weekend.

Late Monday morning, a chief hematology doctor (or however you spell it) finally shows up and tells him that he is free to go, as long as he comes back that same day at 2pm for an injection, and then Tuesday (today) for one last appointment at 8am. APPOINTMENT.

Ex-Husband returns to the hospital this morning at 8am, leaving our 12 year old home alone, because, remember, he has an appointment.

Ex-Husband finally sees the doctor at 4:30pm. (Chief hematology guy again). Chief guy tells Ex-Husbnad that, in is opinion, there never WAS a blood clot this time, he thinks that the MRI picked up the scarring from the last time Ex-Husband had a blood clot. In laymen's terms, there's nothing wrong with Ex-Husband, there never was, and he spent all that time in the hospital for nothing.

Oh....yeah...right...one more small thing they need to mention. See, Chief guy wasn't actually the doctor who admitted Ex-Husband in to the hospital last Friday. No, that would be some ER doctor. So technically, Ex-Husband should never have been allowed to go home on Monday, because original docor didn't say it was okay. But, you know, original doctor is on days off. SO THEY NEED TO RE-ADMIT EX-HUSBAND TODAY SO ORIGINAL DOCTOR CAN SIGN HIM OUT ON WEDNESDAY. Even though there is nothing WRONG with him, they need him to scramble to figure out what the hell he is going to do about the 12 year old who has been home by himself all day, and apparently doesn't have a parent coming home, either. All this because they need all their stupid paperwrk filled out six ways to Sunday so they don't leave themselves open to some law suit.

Now, I have zero problem with the fact that they admitted him to the hospital in the first place; after all, blood clots can kill you. But during those days in the hospital, it's not like he actually received any medical care (he was even taking the meds he had brought with him from home, so it's not like he even got four days worth of free drugs out of the deal, and he didn't even see a doctor for the first three days). And while he was there, he was costing me (as a tax-payer) money. And taking up a bed that could have been used for someone who was actually sick. And now they won't let him leave!

This afternoon he and I discussed the idea of him just leaving against medical advice, or whatever that's called. It was very tempting, but then we both realized that if he does that, if anything ever goes wrong at any time during the rest of his life and we actually DO need to sue someone, someone will pull the fact that he checked himself out and figure out a way to blame that future trouble on this one hospital stay. (Did that make sense?)

This whole situation is so stupid I can't even see straight. (oh and don't worry, Son is with friends for the night and is being well looked afer.)

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