Friday, October 3, 2008

The last week

Yikes, how is it possible so much time has passed since I posted??

Elton John was, quite simply, amazing. Oh no, wait, that's not what I meant: Elton John was FREAKING, LIFE-ALTERING, AMAZING.

There, I feel better.

Husbandly One and I had second row tickets, which were (watch for repetition) AMAZING for most of the concert. But four songs before the end, those of us in the front rows were encouraged to "rush" the stage. Which, hello, we did.

So there I am, literally as close to Elton John as I am to my laptop at this moment, and he pulls out a pen to sign autographs for those of us in the front row. He signed tickets, he signed purses, he signed albums, and (memorably!) he signed someone's Visa card.

And there's me in the front row, Husbandly One with his hands on my hips behind me. Did I offer up my tickets? Did I offer up my arm? Did I lift my shirt for Sir Elton to sign my bra? (hey, I saw a chick to this.)

No no, I pushed other concert-goers in front of me, trying to get THEM the right position for his attention.

My livelong path in the hospitality industry has rendered me completely incapable of taking something for myself, for me it is always about someone else.

Stupid, stupid Irma.

On the other hand...

My Mum and my StepSon were also at the concert, in the nosebleed section. They saw Husbandly One and I rush the stage, they saw us dance to the music, they saw Elton John within inches of us, they saw us as we danced three feet away from The Man.

Afterwards, Step-Son said to me, "Well, it certainly looked like the two of you had a Good Date."


Yes we did.

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