Monday, September 1, 2008

Long weekend

First, like everyone else, I am praying for the people of Louisiana and surrounding states, and am glued to CNN.

This long weekend is the tail end of my vacation, and the weather is nasty. Still, we have enjoyed the last few days. Friday night, we went to a birthday party for the wife of one of our coworkers. We had a lovely time, and it led to an invitation to a different co-workers house for dinner on Sunday. Husbandly One and I don't go out much, so the idea of two social invitations in one weekend was pretty heady stuff.

In between, on Saturday, Husbandly One suddenly said to me, "Let's go buy some bushes." A week ago, he finished repairing / renovating / rebuilding our front deck; it is now much smaller and we are very happy with it. This led to him digging me a new flowerbed while I was away, in the area previously covered my our exceptionally long deck. But now the flowerbed was sitting naked and it was really bothering him. (And can I state again how happy I am that he is getting the Gardening Bug...)

Anyway, Saturday night we went to a local greenhouse and purchased two Red Prince Weigelas, which are now my new babies. We planted them Sunday afternoon and I am thrilled with them, can't wait to see their bright red blooms next summer.

Last night, after cleaning up from our gardening, we went out to our friend's house for dinner. The husband of the couple is Greek (like, as in "from Greece", not as in "of Greek descent") and had prepared a complete feast of what he called Greek junk food... souvlaki, cheese pies, olive tapanade, and lots and lots of homemade tzatziki which was unlike tzatziki I have ever eaten.

He had made more food than four people could ever hope to eat, and I think he was very disappointed with my appetite. Husbandly One kept trying to reassure him: "No, really, Wifely One has already has far more food than I have ever seen her eat in one sitting...." and that was even before the souvlaki was placed in front of me. We had a great evening, and it looks like all four of us had a good time together outside of work (yay, new friends!) so hopefully in the future they will have many more opportunities to see how little I eat and get used to it.

(And no, I'm not exactly saying I eat like a bird. Well, I guess I DO, but I eat like a bird many times a day. I just can't get through much food at a time.)

SO, between two great evenings out and some work on my little Urban Homestead, it has been a great weekend. Time now, however, to do some laundry. Sigh. Stupid end of vacation.

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