Thursday, September 18, 2008

3-D Ultrasounds

Such a thing did not exist when I was pregnant, way back in the Old Ages, twelve years ago. But I have seen the photos that result from these expensive and completely medically unnecessary ultrasounds, and I recommend them strongly. I mean, it's a REAL picture of your in-utero baby, you literally see what the kid looks like. It's staggering, it's amazing. Well worth whatever you have to pay.

This morning, friends of mine went for a 3-D ultrasound of their 28 week fetus. They already knew they were having a son, they just wanted to see his sweet face.

The 3-D ultrasound confirmed what they already suspected: their son is breeach, essentially standing feet down in the womb. And facing his mother's back. She is now looking at an almost certain C-section delivery she desperately wanted to avoid.

And those $400 pictures they brought home? No face is visible in any of them. What they got for their money was several dozen pictures of the baby's butt and penis.

Sigh....boys start so young.

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