Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back from our 'caching trip

End result after three days of searching? A mere 34 caches logged. Most of this had to do with my (very) poor but well meant planning for the first day, which I quickly amended for days two and three. Still, we had a great time. Son and I fought occasionally, and we got sarcastic with each other occasionally, and at one bad point I told him, "Just because I've never smacked you in twelve years, don't think I can't start now." Niiiiiiiice. But MAN we had fun, at the end of the day the thrill of the hunt takes over.

Geocaching is a fabulous activity for everyone. You do need to purchase a handheld GPS unit to play, but they come down in price every day. And for a $200 investment, you can give yourself and your family a wonderful hobby for years to come. Trust me, check it out at

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Gillian Grattan-Baldwin said...

Ever since you first mentioned geocaching on your blog, I have been researching it and am highly intrigued. I think the children would love to do this! Keeping my eyes open now for a GPS unit...thanks for bringing this awesome sounding hobby to light for me! :)