Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Bill Clinton is speaking in my city on November 25. My little tiny Canadian city. He will be speaking on the economy, and the timing of his appearnace means that both the Canadian and US elections will be over, so his speech will have more relevance, as we will have a clear political view for both countries for the next four years.

Must. Get. Tickets.

Husbandly One, who is every bit as excited as I am in theory, is still insisting on Being The Grown Up: "Yes, it would be fabulous to hear him speak, but it is very expensive..."

Bwah ha ha, he has clearly forgotten that his birthday is coming up. And that every year, I get him something totally lame because I have NO idea what to get him. And that, while tickets are more expensive than whatever I always buy him in a panic, at least this year I would 100% know he'll love my gift.

Operators are standing by...

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Pamela Dawn said...

Dear Irma,
I love your "husbandly One" So, if I were up there living right next door to you- I would have my tickets already!!! You have to go that route for his b-day!! (I always am in a panic on what to get my better half-and it is coming up in Oct!!!)
I want to thank you for comming by my blog faithfuly reading- it makes me feel so good!! We are just a run of the mill family doing what God wants us to be doing right now! I enjoy your posts and come visit you and husbandly one often! Oh, and I would love some of those apples- the kids LOVE them, it must have something to do with NO fruit in Ethiopia- (not much to eat at all, poor darlings...) but we keep them in apples and oranges! And my little Jaden as grown over 7 inches in 2 years- It is so neat to watch them-- Blessings to you.. Pam