Saturday, September 27, 2008

Michael Moore, Part Two

As previously mentioned, I am a big fan of Michael Moore's movies. This morning, I finally got a chance to watch his new movie, "Slacker Uprising". The verdict?


I am used to his movies informing me, taking me places I've never gone, making me listen to stories I would never otherwise hear. This movie, however, felt much more like a concert film than it did a documentary.

I was under the (very) misguided impression that this movie was about his campaign to encourage young people to vote, no matter which way their political leanings went: just do it. But, no, it was two hours of him trying to get people to vote Democrat, which I found vaguely annoying.

Don't get me wrong: If I was an American, I would be a Democrat, and I would want you to vote Democrat, too. I just feel misled...I thought the movie would be a plea to get involved with the PROCESS, not with a party.

Mind you, I sincerely admire him for his efforts to wake up young people. We need more leaders like this, more people who are willing to campaign on the importance of each and every vote, more public figures who are willing to go to the wall for what they believe. Michael Moore, as the subject of this film, earned my respect.

On the other hand, Michael Moore, as the director of this film, left me cold for the first time in 15 years. I mean, I just didn't care.....all of his previous films actually taught me something, this one just showed me a bunch of musical performances, a bunch of enthralled crowds, yada yada yada. This movie was long on money shots, and very short on substance. And it pains me to say it.

I AM glad I watched it, and I actually hope you will watch it too. It actually IS a good's just not as good as his previous work has taught us to expect.

(And, by the way, my personal favourite when it comes to movies, editing? Based on the footage that made the movie, the film, in my humble opinion, should have been about 8 minutes shorter.)

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