Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We now resume regular programming

Prior to this evening, the last time I even turned my laptop on was six days ago. Last Thursday, I picked up the first volume of the "Twilight" series. Four books and 2500 pages later, I put the last one down late last night.

I have heard so much about these books in te last few months that I decided to give them a whirl. Did I enjoy them? Umm, yeah. Compulsively.

Do I recommend them? Completely.

Would I read them again? No.

Would I recommend buying them? With no dispresect to the author, No.

Listen, they are super fun books, a great escape. But, to me, a book is only truly great if I want to read it multiple times. It's kind of a hard concept to explain, because I know most people (cough cough normal people) generally only read books once. Me? Not so much.

It also bears mentioning that these books are actually targeted at, and written for, teenagers, not for women who have begun counting down the days til "the Big 4 Oh". Still, these books have become quite popular among women my age. So there.

Definitely check them out. Just do so at the library, unless you have a sixteen year old daughter. Then you can just borrow her copies.


Lamb said...

can i just borrow yours?

Gillian Grattan-Baldwin said...

I completely get this...I also will only buy a book for my collection if it is one that will see me reading it many times over. :) otherwise, library here I come....

Nancy said...

My daughter read these books over the summer....all 4 within a week. Needless to say, we didn't see or hear much from her during that week! I told her I don't plan to read the books but I will go see the movie with her.

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