Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sssh, don't tell

I think I have made it somewhat clear that I adore my Husbandly One. He is everything to me, he makes me laugh, he makes me feel safe, he rocks my world. But lately, I just wish he would go away.

A few weeks ago, I decided to knit him a sweater for Christmas. Knitting is nothing new in my world, and he has spent many an evening beside me on the couch, listening to the clicking of my flashing needles. (I knit pretty damn fast if I do say so myself.)

But, see, the Christmas sweater is a surprise, and so I only pick it up when he's not home. Usually, in the autumn, I spend at least half my evenings alone due to his work schedule. But this fall? He comes home with me EVERY NIGHT, he has decided (argh!) that spending time with Wifely One needs to be a priority.

So do me a favour, will you? If you know me in real life, think of reasons to get him the hell out of the house, would you? You have one extra hockey ticket? Good. You want to go for drinks? BAD, because he will then invite me.

C'mon, people, think of reasons you want to be friends with him but not me!!

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