Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In a convenience store

On the way home tonight, we stopped at our local corner store so I could jump out and buy a lottery ticket with our favourite numbers.

The sixteen year old youg lady working the counter brightened when I told her what numbers I wanted. She knew those numbers! "Wait, this is totally for your dad, riiiiight?"

"Pardon me?"

"Those numbers? This is for your dad!"

"Umm, my husband."

"No no, your dad, that gray haired guy."


"No, the old guy."

"MY HUSBAND. Can I just have my ticket???"

"Fur sure. Hey, tell your dad I said hi."


forestsister said...

frig. that's funny. i know you don't think its funny. but from a far away across the country out of your arms reach way...its funny.

i hope you win gazillions.


Irma said...

Au contraire, I thought the whole thing was hilarious. Unless, you know, she is using this job to save money for medical school...

Pamela Dawn said...

Irma, Juan and I are sitting here laughing our heads off at this one!!!-- yea-- Juan is the old gray hair guy too!!!!LOL--- TOOOOOOO funny-- miss ya-Oh, as I have you on line here so to speak... Dylan said that a thing came from Canada, but not all the kids got these yet- (so you were ON TIME after all!!!!) So, the class is waiting to open the packages until all the kids get these in the mail-- You were on time-- you are GREAT my friend!!;)
So, D- is so excited about his flat stanley- he is too funny....I know, I should have just emailed you-- but, I had to respond to this entry!!sure hope you go back to read the older ones!!--hey, lov ya-Pam- oh, by the way, I won a camera- Can't wait til it comes!! I am excited about it.p