Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Curling ROCKS

(see what I did just there? It's punny but it's also true. I know, I'm a literary genius.)

At various times over the last few years, Husbandly One would put a curling game on TV and enjoy it very much. Me, I would look up from my book periodically, look at the guys with rocks and brooms trying to whack some other guys' rocks, shrug, and go back to my reading. The whole thing was pretty lame if you asked me.

My city is currently hosting the World Men's Curling Championships, and curling fever has been increasing around here exponentially for weeks. Me? Mheh, still could not care less about the rock people. And then I went to a game.

Man, I had fun. I understood only 17% of what everyone around me was oohing and ahhing about (or groaning and moaning about, depending on what had just happened), but it was fun. The next night, we watched another game on TV and, determined to understand what was going on, I even created my own curling rink on paper, marking out wide circles, using pennies and dimes to represent the stones. As the game on TV progressed, Husbandly One would touch the corresponding coins on my paper and really explain what I was seeing. Huh. This game is pretty cool.

Well, we went to see another championship game at the Coliseum tonight. I understood what I was seeing. I understood what a sophisticated, highly skilled game of complicated strategy the game is.

It is possibly the coolest sport ever. Who knew!

(See look, I did the punny thing again.)

(Don't worry,no more puns next time.)

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