Thursday, April 2, 2009

Off to make pickles

Hey, it's what all the cool kids are doing.

After my last attempt turned to te Dark Side because I couldn't process them in a water bath, I decided to grab my Mum's big pot so I could do it all up proper.

Of course, this meant that I had to call the young lady who is house-sitting for her and explain my mission. "Yeah, it's Irma? I need to come over and grab some stuff out of the basement. Bye!"

After work, I let myself in to the house using my key -- just to prove I DO belong there-- and yelled "Helloooooooo!" She came in to the kitchen, and was very friendly, and very co-operative as I explained to her what I was taking from the house, but I DID catch her glancing in to the livingroom a few times, I assume to check my appearance against all the photos Mum has displayed. She relaxed visibly once she decided that yes, clearly I am well known in this house.

Still it made me chuckle....if I was going to rob the place, I don't think it would be for the $15 pot in the laundry room behind the fabric softener. I thought about messing with her and saying, "Oh, and I'm just going to grab some jewelry out of her bedroom", but that would have just been mean. So I took Mum's car instead.

Bwah ha ha.


Anonymous said...

OMG did you really? I can't help but think of Daddy and how he used to threaten me with calling the cops if I took the car from the station without telling him first.

You gonna be home this weekend? I know I'm going to be home in a week, but I would still love to chat.

<3 Sisterly One.

Irma said...

Dude, I totally contacted Mum in CHINA and told her I was taking the car....but the housesitter doesn't need to know that!