Sunday, June 7, 2009

Scenes from a "garden"

My sad, sad beans. I am not feeling great about these poor babies, but I am not giving up on them, either.
Some of my garlic. Ignore the dandelion leaf at the bottom of the photo. The other day, a good friend of ours stopped by to look at my beds, and he was blown away by how much better my garlic was doing than his. Turns out that he planted entire bulbs in each hole, he didn't realize you had to separate the bulb into cloves before planting them. Oh well, at least he realized his mistake early enough in the season to start over.

A slightly overhead view of my "Paul Peas" in most of the bed, along with my carrots at the bottom. Just trust me, the carrots are there. I swear.

The bed out front Husbandly one dug last weekend, and we planted today: it looks pathetic, I know, but we are dealing with perennials here, people, and I am not going to spend piles of money this year in order to accomplish what Mother Nature will in two or three. We planted four different hostas, some flowers, some ground cover. We'll see.
Not pictured?? Most of the garden. My tomatoes, the onions, the herbs, the asparagus peas, the annual flowers, the beds that I haven't planted yet, etc.
Even if I showed you photos of the whole thing, it would probably look small and pathetic to the casual observer. I don't care.
I am on a grand adventure.

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Green Grrl said...

Look at all those peas! I'm getting hungry just looking at them. I'm growing a new-to-me variety this year - Spanish Skyscraper. The package says they need 6ft supports and I believe it. They are already 2ft!