Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bad mood

My back is blown AGAIN. Have no ide why, but it is. Am terrified of walking across Spain this fall. Terrified.

Step Son was home alone all day. But apparently he only felt the need to spend quality time in the bathroom the very second I got home, that second when I wanted to pee. I have now been home for almost two hours, and everytime I walk past the bathroom, the taint wafting out of the bathroom is still so nasty that I don't dare go in. Seriously, whatever dude unloaded in there was EPIC. I am five minutes away from squatting in my bushes outside because there is No. Way. I am going in THERE.

One of my cats went all Garfield Meets Lasagna in my front flower bed. Needs to be replanted but with my blown get the idea.

Big story on the news here tonight has me wild. My city is officially bilingual (French & English), has been for seven years (first officially bilingual city in the whole country). A "language watch dog" group has stirred up a frenzy because too many business signs in town are only in English, what are we going to do about it, this city is not friendly to the French, blah blah blah. First off, bite me. Bilingual means both languages are welcome and generally understood by the population, doesn't it? And I ASSURE you, the vast vast VAST majority of the French community here speaks English and can understand those English signs. Plus HELLO, who is going to pay for all these businesses to replace their signs??? I do agree that, when a sign NEEDS to be replaced, it's a good idea to replace it with a bilingual one, but to get rid of a perfectly good sign that almost everyone understands?? The next city over from us is officially French, and many signs in that city are ONLY in French, but because most people in my part of the world ARE bilingual, it doesn't stop us from shopping there or understanding what that particular budiness is about.

Sorry, I am ranting and not making sense....language issues here are just so overblown sometimes that it really makes me mad. I whole heartedly support my own pie-in-the-sky vision of bilingualism, which is both languages living together and being able to commmunicate and grow side by side, each appreciating the other. I do not react well to shrill hystrionics.

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