Friday, June 12, 2009

Rain, rain, GO AWAY

It is Friday evening, 8:30 pm. I am in my living room with the windows closed. And yet I can still hear my newly planted potatoes in the backyard, screaming, "Save me! Save me!"

The sky has been dumping sheets of rain for over 24 hours now. The ground is saturated and there are puddles everywhere, including around all the tender plants in my garden. Please stop now, ok? Much more of this and many of my vegetables will rot in the ground.

Where are those hot, sunny June days that cause my tomato plants to overspill their cages? Where are the days that cause my lettuce to bolt? The days when I come back in to the house and lunge at the air conditioner?

Ok, don't actually want those days, but I sure would appreciate some actual sunshine for my poor veggie babies.

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ilex said...

We cold country gals are getting heat some this week. Really.

We had just as much rain last week- I think we had 7 inches in 24 hours, if my rain gauge is accurate. I thought for sure all my hot crops would curl up and turn purple from the cold.