Monday, June 1, 2009

How NOT to start your day

Around 6:00 am this morning, I lay in my bed, in that magical land between asleep and awake. I was vaguely aware of the real world, but I was also still having a kickass dream, very difficult to explain. So while the Techoncolour drama unfolded in my head, I was also aware of how cool my bedroom was, and of how delicious it was to snuggle my cold butt in towards Hubandly One's body, how lovely to have him fling a warm arm around me.

Sigh. Perfect.

That's when I realized it was raining on me. Not kidding, RAINING. The wind outside had picked up so much that rain was falling on my face, a good five feet away from the open window. This particular phenomenon has never occurred in the six years I have lived here....but Husbandly One did live here before I did, and now I may understand why he was so enthusiastic all those years ago when I picked that side of the bed as my very own!

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