Sunday, July 27, 2008

What makes me, Me.

I think we are all aware that I do not post photos on this site. But this afternoon, I began composing in my head a List Of Things That Make Me, Me. And I planned the series of (non-identifying) photographs that will show (in a non-identifying manner) those simple, home-y things that I identify with most, those silly little things I can not live without.

And then I remember that I loaned Step-Son my digital camera for his two week trip to his homeland, Portugal.


So, forced to face the world without photographic evidence, let me tell you about My Mugs.

I have two: the tea mug, which is pottery, purple, and just generally gorgeous. And the coffee mug, which is brown, plastic, and generally hideous.

The Tea Mug: as mentioned, it is both pottery AND purple, which therefore makes it spectacular. I have had it for 16 years, and am physically unable to drink tea from any other vessel. The people who live in my home know that if no other mug is in the cupboard, they should get a dirty mug out of the dishwasher and clean it by hand if they need a cup. Because, dude? NO ONE touches the purple mug but me. And if I want tea, but the purple mug is dirty? I will get it out of the machine and wash it in the sink.

The truly funny/ironic thing about the tea mug is that is was a Christmas gift to me from my "friend" Monica in 1992. Christmas, kids. And six days later, on New Year's Eve, she sluttily slept with my live-in boyfriend, while the Christmas gifts were still under our tree. No really, she did, and he did. And did I mention that My Live-In-Boyfriend was MY boss, and I was MONICA'S boss? Bad, bad scene all around. Needless to say, the office on Monday was particularly interesting. But despite all the emotional upheaval that followed, hell, I knew a good mug when I saw it. So thanks, Monica, for the fabulous mug, and you can have my boyfriend, too. Oh wait, you realized that a man who would cheat on his live-in girlfriend ONCE was liable to do it again?? Gee, I'm SO SORRY for your pain. Bitch.

But I DO love that mug.

Then there's my coffee mug. It is brown plastic, it is tacky, it is HUGE, and I unwittingly stole it from my Mom (and nobody had to sleep with anybody, thank the Lord). When I moved back to New Brunswick, my Ex-Husband (he was my Husband at the time) and My Son were four months behind. I moved for the career opportunity, and they moved east because of me. So I literally spent four months living in my parents basement, waiting for my Family to show up.

And during those four months, I fell in love with my Mum's Mug. As I just said, it was brown, it was plastic, and it was huge. What I DIDN'T say was that it kept coffee hot for a really, really long time. So when My Husand & Son finally arrived, when we moved in to a home of our own, it was only naural for me (apparently,not so natural for HER) for me to take the mug with me.

That was almost seven years ago, and I still pour my coffee in to the same mug every day. I feel about the Coffee Mug the same way I feel about the Tea Mug: there is only ONE, and God help you if you get in the way.

I take my beverages pretty seriously, you see.

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