Thursday, July 10, 2008

Need a favour

Ok, I asked you guys to delurk and you didn't. I'm cool with that.

But really? Can I ask a huge favour?

My brother is a musician. My brother is talented in ways I can not even begin to describe. It looks like his band may be thiiiiiiiis close to finally getting some professional attention (ie, record deal.)

ALL I ASK is that you go to their website. That's it, I'm not asking you to like the music (I like some of it, but not all), I'm not asking you to buy anything. They just need traffic. (And NOTHING on the site shows how talented my brother is... he is the guitarist and if you could only see the video clip of him on their DVD, playing around with his axes, you would fall on your knees. I may be biased, but I ain't THAT biased....and I still say my brother could change your freaking religion.)

So, please, give me thirty seconds of your time for a good cause. Please visit .
And, for some reason, it is FURTHER preferable if you then click in to their MySpace (shudder!) link.

(And the cover of the new album? My brother is the one standing up.)

(how come HE inherited the blonde hair and long eyelashes? Bastard.)

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