Thursday, July 17, 2008

Older Men

Ok, I am the first to admit it: I have this Thing about older men. So shoot me.

I know the most popular theory about women who like older men is that they have Daddy Issues. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I had a fabulous father and I have no interest in re-creating him, okay? Because, umm, yuck? That's my DAD, people....soooo do not want to go there.

But I can not deny I have always felt the allure of the Older Man...most notably when I was 19, and my 37 year old boyfriend showed up at my house to meet my parents. I had already moved across the country, but he still wanted to meet my 'rents and get their "permission". To say this meeting did not go well is putting it mildly, but I want you to remember that 18 year age difference. When I was 19, my parents lost their everloving MINDS. But when I pulled the same stunt at 33, with my 51 year old boyfriend in tow, they were willing to listen.

No, I have not always gravitated to Older Men. My Ex-Husband is less than two years older than me. And prior to my marriage, I had a couple serious boyfriends who were actually younger than me. .. but they never lasted. So why the Older Man?

I have no clear idea. I always wanted someone who had not only "cut the apron strings" with their Mommy, but had FURTHER had the time to get their shit together, to make something of themselves. I am NOT talking about money when it comes to "make something of yourself"....all I ask is that you know who you are, know that you are willing to live that truth, and know that you are willing to kiss my neck in that exact spot. I am a simple woman with simple pleasures.

But now.

Now, for the first time, I am finding out what it means to love an Older Man.

Arthritis? Check. Bad back? Check. Crazy blood sugar? Check. Can't make love very often because it physically hurts him? CHECK.

I suppose that, if I was also in my late 50's, I'd have a better understanding. But DUDES, I am only 38 years old, I want to go hiking, I want to go camping, I want to play mini-putt, I want to make love. But sometmies, I can't have those things.

Who am I kidding, I can't have those things MOST of the time.

But -- and here's the kicker -- I really don't care.

I am so stupidly, mind-blowingly in love with him that nothing else matters. I GET TO HAVE HIM. He comes home to me every night. He kisses me "good morning" every day, he kisses me "good night" every night. And at some point during our work day, he'll look me up & down and declare, "You are so beautiful."

Did my life end up where I thought it would? No. Would I prefer a husband who was closer to my age? Frankly, yes. Would I trade Husbandly One for anything? Not in a million years.

I love you, baby.

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