Friday, July 4, 2008

Been gone a while

First, Gill, you won the contest, thanks to a very scientific draw just held in my living room, with Husbandly One as the judge. Email me to let me know if you prefer a donation to your local NICU or to the CF Foundation. Thanks for playing.

Second, the rest of you? I SEE MY STATS, I know you are there. I am actually a little hurt that you couldn't delurk for charity. But whatever, I love you just the same, you look at me with mild interest, I call it a draw.

In other news...

Four days ago, my Step Son mentioned that his bedroom in the basement was starting to get a bit funky, a bit squishy, a bit WET. Hmm. Therefore, the next morning (did I mention I was on vacation this week?) I went out and spent $300 on a dehumidifier. I somehow grunted that heavy bad boy downstairs and let it rip. Four days later, it has sucked approx. 50 litres of water out of the air and is still running continuously. Hubandly One asked me, in a weird conspiracy kind of way, if the machine was perhaps manufacturing water on its own. Umm, no, darling, it's just pulling the bad shit out of our basement, because if it COULD make water, they'd have a million of those things in the Sudan.

So anyway, there I am four days ago, all proud of my purchase. It is sucking the evil water out of our home. I am hero. In the meantime, I have been hanging out in our livingroom, all smug that I made such a responsible purchase. Around 2pm, things start getting really hot in our livingroom, just like it does every single day between June 15 and September 1st. In past years, we have simply accepted it, peeled down to T-shirts and underwear, secretly wishing that we had never met because, ugh, at least that way we wouldn't have to get in to bed together in this HEAT.

I get up to turn on the fan.


Oh man, do NOT piss off Irma, not when it's hot.

I immediately fliped out, got in my Jeep and went to buy an air conditioner. $500 later, I had my Step Son lug it in to the livingroom (it was waaaay heavier than the dehumidifier). And that is why I was able to greet Husbandly One, at the end of his work day, by saying, "I spent almost $1000 today, AND NOTHING ABOUT IT WAS FOR FUN."

All of which brings me to my point. My point about boys.

I try to keep our house at a reasonable temperature. In the winter, this means you may have to put on a sweater, because, I'm sorry, the SWEATER is paid for, the HEAT is not. So when Step Son emerges from his cave in the basement (his cave which is heated by a separate electric heater he unfortunately controls) in a t-shirt, shorts, and no socks, and complains that it's COLD??? I flip out a little bit.

Bring it forward to today. It was hot. I wore shorts and a T-shirt, and was out for most of the day. When I got home, I turned on the new air conditioner to the level where I didn't want to kill myself anymore, and considered it good.

Husbandly One got home from work. In wool pants, dress shirt, tie, and jacket. He took off the jacket and sat down. After ten minutes, he said, "It is way too hot in here, I'm going to turn up the air conditioner."

No, how bout you take off all those CLOTHES? Why don't you put on a pair of shorts and see how you feel THEN?

No no, the easiest thing to do is turn up the dial.

Between people who expect to be able to go around half naked in February, and people who think they should be able to wear multiple layers in July, I CAN NOT WIN.

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Gillian Grattan-Baldwin said...

Aww thanks Jen! You rock! I love winning things...please donate to the NICU of your choosing, any help to any babies anywhere is a beautiful thought. :)