Friday, November 2, 2007

Batten the hatches

Based on many, many weather reports and warnings, my part of Canada is going to get its collective ass kicked by the remnants of Hurricane Noel tomorrow. Great.

I would far rather face the remnants of a hurricane than, oh, I don't know, an ACTUAL hurricane, but it still looks a little grim. Here on the Canadian Eastcoast, we always end up with the tail end of these things...I just can't remember the advisory warnings ever being this bad before. Which means either nothing will happen, or sinners should in fact be repenting at this very moment. (I'll get to that when I'm done posting.)

All the fun and excitement is slated to begin late tomorrow afternoon, so I have a bit of time early in the day to take care of a few details: bring all patio furniture, garden equipment and miscellaneous junk in to the garage, etc. Still of two minds what to do about my barbeque: I'm not keen on bringing a propane tank in the house, but I don't want my Grillmaster 2000 flying through my neighbour's window, either.

This evening Son and I made a quick trip to the grocery store, because although I have a ton of food in the house, I was pretty low on things that don't require cooking. See, I'm not particularly concerned about the storm per se, but with the winds they are predicting, I think it's a pretty safe bet the power will get knocked out. Lantern and fresh batteries? Check. Radio? Check. Triscuits, onion cream cheese, and dried chorizo? Oh baby.

Wish us luck. I'm pretty sure we won't need it, but I know it won't hurt.

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