Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Reason I love him, #248

My stacks of scrapbooking magazines are getting way out of control, so I have started going through them and cutting out the layouts I want to scraplift. (Non-scrapbookers, read "duplicate".)

But now I am left with a big handful of assorted clippings and no way to keep track of them. I have tried stuffing them in a notebook beofre, but it didn't work. So I said to Husbandly One, "You know, I need a bulletin board so I can just pin up my favourite layouts and have them right in front of me for inspiration."

One piece of plywood, one power saw, one staple gun and a few quilting leftovers later, he has built me a gorgeous padded bulletin board. All in ten minutes.

Tomorrow he plans to paint some decorative wood trim and apply it to the front.

Soooooo good to me. He totally gets that it is the little things that matter to me. And I have a fab idea board to boot!


forestsister said...

that is so cool. post a picture when it is done!!

Mare said...

That's awsome. What a guy.

Mare said...

I MEANT awesome