Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You do the math, Halloween edition

Giant box of chocolate bars
fifteen trick or treaters
many, many Peanutbutter Cups inside Irma.

I feel sick.

In other news, this morning on the radio I heard about an initiative a local church launched this year for their youth group (read: tweens who KNOW they're too old for trick or treating, but still want to go out.) This year, the youth group is going out "Trick or Eating", they get to dress up and go door to door, but instead of candy, they are collecting cans of food for a local soup kitchen.

Oh yes PLEASE.

I was frankly a little disappointed that no "Trick or Eaters" made it to our street tonight, I had an entire grocery bag of stuff to share. I applaud these young people, and hope they were very successful. Tomorrow I'll take that bag of good food to the food bank myself, promise.

I may even throw in some Peanut Butter Cups.

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