Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nuthin but two bad photos tonight

First photo is the gorgeous bulletin board made for me yesterday. It sits on the hutch which tops my scrapbook table. Looooooove it. I slapped a 4x6 photo on to it to give you a sense of the size. (Photo, by the way, is of Rockstar and his beloved wife, Hot Wife. Hey, it's what he calls her.)

Second photo is of the china cabinet we acquired last week. If you live near me, you know I have coveted this cabinet for six years, and now it's ALL MINE. All of the decorative detail you see is raised work (click on to the photo to enlarge). It is fabulous and I spend an inordinate amount of time each day just staring at it. Clearly, it has been abused over the years and needs a lot of TLC, but I am really looking forward to coaxing it back to its orignial glory.

Oh, and I am perfectly aware that it is filthy in the photo. Hello, pay attention: we are renovating. I have made my peace with drywall dust.

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