Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Yeah yeah, CLEARLY I am not participating in this campaign which encourages bloggers to post every day for a month. But I support its aims all the same. So if you are a blogger, start writing, baby. And if you're a lurker, look for your favourite sites to have daily updates. Lord knows I'm enjoying it.

My list of favourites (look right!) is pathetically small, just Pioneer Woman and Kelz. By NO means is this the extent of the blogs I read every day (there are fourteen for anyone who cares), but at the end of the day, if I only had five minutes of internet access per day, I would read Butterscotch Palace and Pioneer Woman, in that order, and consider my life complete.

My work day was a combination of the usual hell, the amazing co-workers who make me laugh, a few high-coups with clients, and general sarcastic hilarity, mixed with a high level of stress. (Truly, bloggers, my job is very stressful but the people I work with not only make it worthwhile, but fun, too.)

My manager (who will remain nameless until I can think of a good alias) is so much fun. Granted, she WAS given the promotion that The Powers That Be had hinted would be MINE....but whatever, I'm over that. I see what she has to deal with and I think, "There but for the grace of God go I..." ANYWAY, my manager is bringing her 14 year old stepdaughter in tomorrow for National Bring Our Daughters To Work Day. I was teasing said Manager today, telling her that I would be SURE to come in to her office multiple times tomorrow, asking basic questions and then praising her wisdom and guidance in front of her step daughter.

Manager laughed at me (she DOES get a joke), but at the same time, I WILL make a point of making her look good tomorrow, making her step daughter see what a powerful, knowledgeable woman her step-mother is. We could ALL use a litle help in the P.R. department when it comes to our kids, am I right??

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