Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Trying to FLY

Yes, I am now a FLYbaby..... a very, very young FLYbaby, but a FLYbaby all the same.

Note to self: God, Irma, stop SAYING "FLYbaby". It'll make the nice people hate you, without even knowing why.

A FLYbaby is someone trying to run her home based on the principles taught at http://www.flylady.com/ Essentially, this program acknowledges that our homes have gotten away from us: they are cluttered, they are messy, we can't keep up, and doing housework makes us weep and knash our teeth with rage. It offers babysteps to regain control of our dwellings, and become the capable chatelaines we were all meant to be.

I won't get in to detail about the program, you can check it our yourself, and I do encourage you to check it out if you're looking for a new way. But I did want to talk about the verrrrrrrry first thing a new FLYbaby must do: shine your sink.

Shine. Not clean your sink -- we all know how to do that-- but SHINE it.

I followed the very detailed but straight forward instructions on how to do this, and people, I am here to reveal the shocking truth: If I could take my sink as my lover, I would. I never tire of looking at it, stroking it's glistening loveliness, and carefully drying it each and every time I run water in it. And because my sink is so blindingly beautiful, it is gently, slowly, helping me to love the house that surrounds it.

I know I sound like I just had a big glass of Kool-Aid (wait for it...wait for it... you'll get it in a second....) but if your home has gotten away from you, even slightly, I urge you to read the site, read how the completely free system works, and decide for yourself. But even if it's not for you, shine your sink!

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