Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rite of passage?

I have long heard parents lament over their searches to procure this year's Must Have Holiday Gift. And I have long sympathized.

But it was only this past Saturday (Jan 12, I think) that I arose from my delicious bed at 6:45 to gulp back a steaming cup of Life (coffee) and then head over to stand outside the local Superstore at 7am, in anticipation of their 8 o'clock opening. The rumour was that they had nine Wii game consoles on sale.

For the first time, I was one of THOSE parents, the kind that will bitch-slap you with her purse in order to obtain the object of her desire. Strangely enough, I felt a sort of communion with the other parents, I suddenly understood why they would stand in line an hour before opening, lightly shifting from foot to foot as they attmepted to ignore the fact that they needed to pee.

But don't kid yourself: my Inner-Bitch was also aroused by their appearance, and there was no WAY I was letting those bitches beat me.

Which I didn't.

Mama brought home the Wii, just like she said she would. Heh heh.


Is now a good time to admit that Son didn't really want a Wii? This was all about ME. I saw how it worked, I wanted it, I got it.

Son is perfectly happy being my "excuse".... I am acting insane, and hitting you with my purse, because SON wants this.

Yeah, okay, whatever.

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